What You Need To Know About Motorcycle Tires

Author: Gregg Hall

Tires are a very important part of a motorcycle. Without them the motorcycle would not be able to move in the first place. This is why it is very important that every motorcycle owner possesses general knowledge about what they can expect from the tires they plan on using from their vehicle. Choosing the wrong type of tire could adversely affect how the motorcycle drives. It may even cost a motorcycle owner more money, trying to repair flats or replace the tire all together. That’s where this article comes in. From this article motorcycle owners can get a basic overview of what they need to look for when they start investigating which tires are right for their vehicle. All of these guidelines are explained in greater detail below.


To determine the size of a potential set of tires, you need to evaluate their rim width. What does this mean? It means that the tires cannot be any wider or narrower than the initial equipment tires. If they are the handling of your motorcycle could get distorted.


The pressure associated with motorcycle tires increases as the temperature rises. This is why motorcycle riders need to regularly check their tires’ pressure, especially during the winter months. They can find specific recommendations on which tire pressures are best for their vehicle by checking out their motorcycle manufacturer’s reference manual. They can also further protect their tires’ pressure by not bleeding air from tires that are hot and/or riding on the tires when they are under-inflated. Doing otherwise wears the tires down prematurely.

Wear Indicator

Motorcycle owners need to periodically check the wear indicator associated with their tire grooves. If the wear indicators are at the same level as the tread’s surface, the tires probably need to be replaced.

Valve Caps

Proper use of valve caps can prevent air from escaping from one’s motorcycle tires. It can also prevent dirt from getting into the valve, improving overall efficiency of the tires.

Warming Up

Start at a moderate speed when you first get on your motorcycle. Doing so helps allow the tires to reach their core operating temperatures in a much smoother manner. When the tires do reach their warm-up, they will offer the best grip for the motorcycle rider.

Breaking In

Don’t accelerate rapidly or use hard cornering techniques once your tires have appropriately warmed up, as this can quickly wear them out. You will want to avoid doing these things for at least 50 kilometers. This is the amount of time/distance it takes for the tread area to be completely worn off.

Getting the Repairs

It is important that you acquire basic knowledge associated with motorcycle repair, so you won’t have to rely on a mechanic should you have problems with your tires or even the vehicle itself. Numerous books and e-books are available to help provide the basics for motorcycle riders who are new to the experience. Some of them are free. Either way, take advantage of the information so you won’t find yourself being stranded if something does go wrong with your motorcycle’s tires.

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