Thinking about Getting A Lower Back Tattoo-Read this First

A popular tattoo for females is the Tramp Stamp. This has changed into a fashionable spot for many first timers as well as girls getting their second or third tattoo. While a Tramp Stamp can have many placement benefits, there are some very , very significant things to consider about such a tattoo :

1.. Why get a Tramp Stamp?
Tramp stamps are tattoos that are placed in the back area. Sadly, that area has gotten so much of a trend or trend, that it is now seen as a unoriginal area to get a tattoo. The lower back is the hottest place for women 16-28yrs old to get a tattoo. If you go out to a club it’s not that odd to see most girls have tattoos there and often with similar designs.

The whole point of getting a tattoo was originally meant to stand out for something original or personal. It appears now tattoos are more modern or a trend. If you are feeling like the back is the place that you wish to get your tattoo than by all means go ahead. However, do not do it because all your buddies have one there. Remember this is an abiding decision. (or terribly pricey to mend )

2. Tramp Stamp Stigma
Another factor to think about is the negative stigma associated with a lower back tramp stamp. Unfortunately lower back tattoos have earned the reputation as being related to girl being slutty. So just be aware of this slang term, and again if you’re set on the low back placement then simply rise above the tramp stamp labeling.

3. How about some choices for a Tramp Stamp?
If you don’t want to address the Tramp Stamp label there are plenty of other places for a tattoo. If you are set on having a tattoo on your back you need to consider the higher back ( or the back of the shoulder area ), and even the middle back, though it will be less conspicuous there.

Another great alternative choice to the tramp stamp, is side body placement. You may have a tattoo placed on your abs area, the side between your gut and back. These side tattoos can be much more unique and original as far as placement goes.

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