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Although many prefer the warm and comfort of a car ride some chose to travel a different way. In change the seat belt into a driving helm, the car radio into the sound of the wind blowing through the ears and the four robust wells into two agile and fast ones. These people like to be in the heart of the adventure not to look at it, to be the ones to tell the stories, not listen to them, to touch not only to see

For these people Transylvania Live – Expert in Transylvania created a motorcycles tour, using BMW F650 GS, F800 and GS 1200 a tour focused on revealing the essence of Transylvania. Departing from Cluj Napoca, one of Transylvania’s largest urban centres and a city with an outstanding medieval atmosphere, one of the oldest settlements in Transylvania, Big Woman Dating back prior to the Roman period, the itinerary ventures into the heart of the county offering rides trough picturesque villages, breathtaking scenery and important cultural centres. The itinerary is complimented by excellent accommodations meant not only to provide you with all the comfort but also to introduce you to the local culture and capture the specificity of the visited area.

The journey will take you throughout Transylvania and the Carpathians Mountains; these are the very best parts of Romania. The main roads are mostly quiet and on the minor roads traffic is the exception. The scenery is magnificent. Unlike anywhere in the regulated EU there are limitless possibilities for gentle off road riding where a road bike is fine and where you might see a horse and cart every half hour.

From Cluj Napoca you travel to the little town of Turda and prepare to descend to the heart of one of the biggest salt mines in the country – Turda Salt Mines, with impressive halls named after kings and queens.

The journey continues to Medias.  Its beautiful medieval centre welcomes the riders to catch a glimpse of the ancestral lifestyle of Transylvania. You’ll make the acquaintance of a unique artist, the only one who uses spider web for his paintings. Visit Sibiu, the European Capital of Cultural for 2007. Visit one of its major highlights, The Village Museum – an outdoor exhibition of peasant settlements from all over the country.

Breathtaking sceneries will accompany the riders as they travel through the he most crooked and challenging of Europe’s roads for motorcyclists, the Transfagarasan (Transfagarasan Pass has about 6800 feet high).

Leaving the beautiful Transfagarasan road behind, visit the enchanted Bran Castle, Transylvania’s symbol. A former fortress guarding a commercial road, Bran dates back to 1377. In 1920, Queen Mary, the niece of Queen Victoria of Great Britain, turned the castle into a beautiful summer residence.

Ride next to Rasnov to visit The

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