Pennsylvania Weekend Motorcycle Rides

The secluded nature of this road has its down side – you better gas-up before entering and you should pack a lunch if want to eat something along the way.

Sep 08 Update from Brad Morgan – I would recommend that anyone taking PA44 should also do a quick side trip to the Hyner View Lookout – its a launch point for hang gliders and a place that offers a spectacular view! Take PA1014 “Hyner Road” for approx 4 miles to the Hyner View State Park entrance – turn left and go approx 3 miles to the lookout. Hyner road and the road to the lookout are an experience in and of themselves – well worth the trip – you wont be disappointed !

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Judy McCarroll Rides

West Virginia Motorcycle Roads and Trips

The Mountain State is home to countless mountain traversing motorcycle rides as the state falls entirely within the Appalachian Mountain range and has an average elevation of 1,500 above sea level … higher than any other state east of the Mississippi. Outside of it’s scenic mountain scenery, West Virginia (WV) offers motorcycle riders access to notable Civil War historical sites, Appalachian arts/crafts/music, scenic railroads and historical coal industry museums.

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Judy McCarroll Rides