Fake Tattoo Sleeves vs. Permanent and Henna Tattoos

If you are not yet ready to get a real tattoo, you can go with fake tattoo sleeves first. What are tattoo sleeves you may ask? Tattoo sleeves are like really tight skin tone stockings that you can put in your arm or legs and make it look like real tattoo. This type of tattoo is actually very popular among celebrities when they do shoots and movies. Regular people usually buy this type of tattoo for many reasons. Some people just want to feel like they have a tattoo even if it is not real. Some just wants to fool their families and give them a shock value for a laugh. Others use fake tattoo sleeves mostly for costume parties such as the upcoming Halloween.

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The best thing really about these tattoo sleeves is the fact that they are just really temporary. Of course you can choose the henna tattoo too but the problem with it is that you can be allergic to the formula that they use and this will prompt you to have skin allergies and rashes that are very itchy and will last for days. If you choose to go all the way, you can never really take it back. Permanent tattoos are really expensive and they hurt physically too. If you want your tattoo removed, you have to go under surgery which will cost you more money again. So compared with fake tattoo sleeves, it is really the safest thing to do. Since it is like a stocking you can just slip it on and off whenever you want. The best thing about it too is that it is not that expensive so you can have different tattoos every day or every week, whatever you like.

Fake tattoo sleeves are considered the safest among the bunch since permanent tattoos are really permanent. There are a couple of people who got STD or AIDS because of their tattoos. This is because permanent tattoos use needles and because there is some blood action going on, it is really a target for these health risks. If you go to a tattoo parlor that is cheap, they will use their needles over and over again. Imagine, they have used it with other people already and the blood of that person is there then they use it too you? Not only will you have a scar permanent for life but you might have health issues too.

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Cat Adoption – HELP tips on cat adoption?

im going to adopt a cat somewhere in FT lauderdale,Florida. and its my first time..i was wondering do i bring the cage or will they supply it to me….and how much will the fee cost?? im probably getting a kitten of or a middle aged cat

Bring something to carry it in. Should be between $50 $100.


Adoption fees vary. When I adopted my kitten in NC it was $40 for the adoption fees and then you have to take your kitten for all the shots and vet visit. Depending on their age and condition you may need to have more vet visits before you can just do a yearly check up.

They will more than likely provide you with a cardboard carrier for your kitten until you get home and will be able to get a new, more permanent one. Although if you want to be prepared you can bring one with you.
I would recommend a kitten. The transition will be easier, you will get to teach or avoid some behaviors that are difficult or impossible to change in oder more established cats (like begging at the table).

hope this helps…

The fee is usually between $50 and 100. It really depends on where you get them. That includes (for an older cat, not a baby) the fee to spay/neuter them, any shots they needed, and veterinary care while they are in the shelter. Babies may not be old enough to have gotten all their shots or be fixed. They will supply you a small cardboard animal carrier to get your cat home. You need to go ahead and get food, toys, a bed, food/water bowl, litter box, and litter. To be sure your cat only uses the litter box, just set him in the box so that he knows where it is. When you get home, let him explore for a little while so that he gets used to his new surroundings. A bell collar can make it easier to find him if you have a bigger house.

i am pretty sure the fee will be around $30-$50 but plus all the cat food…bedding…toys..litterbox..litter and all the nesseties it could be pretty pricy…im also sure that they will probally give you one of the boxes to carry it in….its really cold in those things so i suggest you bring your own and put blanket in to to make her feel safe…i dont recomend u bring a "cage" but more of the plastic carring cases seems more fit….a cat is a great friend…i would also suggest you get a female cuz males spray on everything to mark….hopw this helps…also cats love turkey and rostbeef (evan from a king soopers and stuff) its a great way to get on their good side immediatally….have fun with your new kitty

1. You will have to bring you own cage

2. Im not sure what the adoption fee is in florida, but it shouldn't be over $100, its $50 in MS

3. Make sure you have food, bedding, toys, and all the other things you need before going to pick up your pet.
…………and if you have never had a cat, i suggest looking up how to take care of one, or ask someone to tell you all the info when you get there… BEFORE picking your kitten

bring the cat cage. a cat cost about 40 to 70 dollars on average.
Feeding it- leave some food out so it will not get to hungry. Keep a bowl of cat food close to the litter bow and if u want in ur room. Next to the food dish leave a bowl of water so it can drink.

Litter bow- put a litter bow in the laundry room so it can go to the bathroom. Useally a cat will come potty train but if not it will not be hard to train it.

claws and de clawed- all of my adoped cat hav to stay inside because they got de clawed by the peopel who owned them b4. if ur new friend has claws then u can gladly leave it let her out side but mack sure they can get back in 4 the night time.

Sleeping- cats luv to sleep in beds. I would get a cat bed but if r unabel to get one it's ok. my cats never even use the one i got them. they like to sleep uon my bed wich is fine. cats like to curl up when they sleep so they will not take up a lot of room

Good luck. im sure ur new friend will love u 4 life 4 adopting him/her.

when I adopted two kittens in SC, the agents did not give me the kittens unless I bring plastic cages to carry them. adoption fess may vary.

I got my cat in Oak Ridge, TN but i dont think its going to be that different. Bring a cage. Anywhere from $50 – $125.

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